About MXC Property

What We Do

We are a Professional Property Management Company offering Company Lets to our Professional Tenant client base. As well as this we are a Serviced Accommodation and Multi Let operator.

Who We Are

We are an established family run business that strives and takes pride in providing excellent living standards for our tenants.  We endeavour to maintain quality relationships with the people who reside in our properties and also the Landlords and existing homeowners that we work with.

What We Offer

For Landlords

For landlords we offer a complete property management solution. We are able to manage your property and offer all the services a local agent would to you, but we do this without charging fees.. How? Because we work with our landlords to offer high quality and high standard living, as well as sourcing only professional working tenants, we are able to charge a higher premium for our offered accommodation and ultimately retain those tenants for a longer period of time. We typically sign on Landlords for three to five years and with insurances and our trusted track record we are able to offer Void Free and Hassle free management services.

For Tenants

We provide exceptional living spaces across our portfolio of properties and these spaces are enjoyed by like minded and fellow professionals. We understand the dynamics of households with multiple occupants and set up our properties to make living as seamless and comfortable as if you were in your own home